Samstag, 26. Oktober 2013

Review: ONE OK ROCK CONCERT / 24th October

I went to cologne to met a friend and then we took the train to Bonn. In Bonn we took the tramways in the false way so we had to took another tramway back, but luckless we were timely at the concert hall at 7.18. 
There was a very large queue that until 8.20 all people were in the hall.
Then they are coming to the stage. They have rocked the stage very well! 

Beside there awesome perfomance of there songs they also talked to us or let us be a part of an action.After they talked in english and german and introduced themselfes Taka said "and here is also some very important thing so please be quite:

"Ich möchte heute Nacht mich euch schlafen" (I want to sleep with you tonight)

He also let us sing the background melody or we had to sit down on the ground and then he gave us a sign to jump!

they talk at 03:20 in the video!!!
It was a really nice atmosphere! I saw them live at an awesome concert hall, met some friends and also new friends. They were touched about the fact that we like there music and that we had to wait a long time to see them.  
They also promesed to come baaaaack! 

There were also moshpits, we jumped on a song or sang the background melody. Some crazy person throw a panty on the stage but they laughed about it xD Also some fans made a flag with the band logo and signed it. Taka worn the flag sometimes when they performed.

They were really great and Im glad that I have seen them at there first concert in germany.

See you soon guys !! :))