Freitag, 12. Juli 2013

review: DEATHGAZE concert 9th July


9th July, cologne, Werkstatt

photo taken by B7Klan Deathgaze Stuff

I was on my way a bit earlier to meet 2 friends from Hessen. We met in cologne about 3.30 p.m. for some talk and eating. After a while we went to the concert hall "Werkstatt" in cologne-Ehrenfeld  and saw that there were people who had slept before the entry.We talked to other people and were talkin talkin talkin lol.. Then suddenly it was 7.00 p.m. and the entry gate opened. Were standing now in the hall between the crowd of so much people with different outfits.

And then they came. Coming from an entry and standing on the stage. DEATHGAZE. After 15minutes I think the first band member take of the shirt... They´ve rocked the stage for 1 hour. The air was full of handbanging hairs and dumpass mosh pit people.. first was not a problem xD They´ve played one song after song and then stopped...they were gone? that could not be!

The crowd and I screamed ankore (Zugabe / extra) and then they really come wtf.. and played 1 1/2 houres extra!! That was so awesome! They had so much fun that want stopped I think it was like a concert party. On the extra live they had given all people in the concert hall headbanged that was an awesome view I think.

Then - after 2 1/2 houres of awesome J-Metal, headbanging, screaming, pitchforking and being deaf of loud music I went home to go next day to a tranee day of work xD god I was so dead...xD

Guys go to live concerts its always better as listen only to music \m/


I´ve also bought a shirt :>


  1. Freut mich, dass du so ein tolles Konzert hattest und alles so entspannt abgelaufen ist. ^^

  2. Ohh, toll! *-* Danke für den Bericht. <3
    Klingt echt nach nem super tollen Konzert, so muss das sein! :D