Montag, 26. August 2013

GAMESCOM 2013 : Review

Hello. This is a little review about the Gamescom 2013 last week in cologne. Its europas biggest event for video games. This year we made a new record with over 340.000 visitors - in 4 days! 
As you can see at this video =)

Yep and that how it was. very very full. I was there on the 1st day last Thursday. Sometimes they had to close the entrys to the halls that no one could go in, because it was so full. So the places of the new games to play were also full. I´ve played some games and it made fun. Some people done cosplayed anime charakters or there were also LARPer there or Steampunk costumes.

To sum up you could saw the newest games and consoles like Assasins Creed 4 or Sims4, Final Fantasy Reborn, Need for Speed Rivals,... on games, cosplayer, LARPer and Steampunker and for less money (when your a student/ going to school).

I think its better not to go to the first day ;D 
Here some photos.